New PediaSure® Honey Flavour to Help Close Nutritional Gaps in Child Growth

Abbott Malaysia has introduced PediaSure® Honey, a new flavour of the nutritional supplement that provides complete nutrition for children.

“According to the South East Asian Nutrition Surveys (SEANUTS), 35 percent of urban children in Malaysia did not meet the energy recommendations, while nearly half of them did not achieve the calcium and vitamin D recommendations♦.These are some of the essential nutrients that are vital in supporting optimal growth and development during the important childhood period, as well as boosting children’s immune system,” shared Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin, Head of Department of Paediatrics, University of Malaya, and Consultant Paediatrician & Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist, University Malaya Medical Centre.

Recognising that proper nutrition is important in achieving a child’s optimal growth and development, Abbott is committed to provide parents concerned with their children’s growth with a complete nutritional supplement in the form of PediaSure® to ensure that their nutrient requirements are met.

“A paediatric nutrition supplement should be nutritionally complete to support optimal growth development in children, and PediaSure® meets these criteria with a formula that includes the right combination of nutrients in the appropriate amount,” said Dr Low Yen Ling, Research & Development Director, Abbott Research and Development Asia Pacific Center.

“At Abbott, we understand the concerns of parents on whether or not their children are getting the essential nutrients that they need to support their growth development. Hence, we are pleased to introduce the new, delicious PediaSure® Honey variant to support parents in enriching the variety and enjoyment of their children’s meals while meeting their nutrient requirements. PediaSure® Honey will provide a new option for children, in addition to our existing vanilla and chocolate flavours,” said Ms Cristina Ronski, Divisional Vice President, West Asia, Abbott.

The new PediaSure® Honey flavour is available at all major hypermarkets and supermarkets in 600g, 850g, and 1.2kg powder format. PediaSure® is also certified halal by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), which is recognised by JAKIM Malaysia.

♦ Poh, Bee Koon, et al. "Nutritional status and dietary intakes of children aged 6 months to 12 years: findings of the Nutrition Survey of Malaysian Children (SEANUTS Malaysia)." British Journal of Nutrition 110.S3 (2013): S21-S35.